How to Travel Without Airport Nightmares

Helpful Hints for the Airport

Ever since 9-11 our society and experience with air travel has changed. Security at the airports has been heightened, and in many ways it’s much more difficult to be a travel than it was just a decade ago. Below is some important information to consider when traveling at the airport.

While on the Ground

It’s important to obey all regulations while you’re at the airport and then again after you board. Keep your photo identification (and passport if you’re traveling internationally) in a pouch that you can wear around your neck. This will make it easy to access and is a good idea because you’ll most likely need to show it at least two times before boarding.

While Boarding

Many airlines will let you board early if you’re traveling with young children under the age of 5, so take advantage of this courtesy. It will allow you to get settled a few minutes early before a long line of passengers gets ready to board.

Make sure you know what the airline’s guidelines are for carry-on bags prior to arriving at the airport. This way you’ll have everything you need in your carry-on, but won’t be surprised or inconvenienced with having to reorganize your luggage because you wanted to bring on a carry-on bag that is bigger than the regulations allow.

While in the Air

Make sure you pay attention during the in-flight emergency instructions. Count the number of seats from your seat to the nearest emergency exit so that you know how to maneuver in the event of an emergency.

Preparation is Key

Keeping the above tips in mind and following all safety recommendations and airline rules can really help to make your trip a pleasant and safe one -- not just for yourself but for your fellow traveling companions and passengers as well.


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