How to Save on College Tuition

Community Colleges Save on College Tuition

College tuition has been rising at record-high rates over the past decade. A great way to minimize college tuition costs is to simply select a school with cheaper tuition. The answer to finding cheaper college tuition can be by choosing a community college and contrary to what many people may think, a community college does not mean a second-rate degree.

An Array of Choices

Community colleges offer many degree programs. Taking courses at a community college for two years can be a great way to take courses but save money on room and board by living at home. Many four-year institutions are flexible with accepting transfer credits, so you can seamlessly transfer to the school of your choice after two years. You can get a degree from the exclusive private school that was your first choice, but you can save a considerable amount of money in the process. In the end, your degree will still be from your top-choice school and you’ll have saved thousands in the process.

How Much Savings?

Taking classes at a community college can lead to a seriously significant savings. Community college classes are often half the cost of classes at a private school. In many cases, community college tuition is just a fraction of the tuition at private colleges and universities. It will likely depend on what state you live in and the availability of community colleges in your area, but don’t overlook community colleges.

Some community colleges offer articulation agreements with private colleges. After two years of studying at the community college, you can transfer to the partnering college and be guaranteed that all your credits will be accepted. This is a great way to save on college tuition. In the first two years you can take basic requirements like Biology and Composition classes and then focus on courses in your selected major once you transfer.

College tuition at four-year institutions is rising rapidly, sometimes as high as 7% per year. Choosing a community college can be a great way to save money on college tuition and is gaining popularity.


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