How to Clear the Clutter Without Spending a Fortune

Clear the Clutter and Cut Costs

Are your dresser drawers stuffed to the brim? Is your basement overflowing with three generations worth of belongings? If so, then you might have considered enlisting the services of a professional organizer to clear the cutter. However, you don’t want to take that leap until you read what we have to say.

It Looks Easy on TV

The television shows devoted to organizing homes and garages sure do make it look easy. Ultimately, though, hiring a professional organizer is going to cost you a lot of money. What if there were a better (and cheaper) way to clear the clutter? There is...

Three Cheers for Three Goodies

We’ve scanned the shelves at Barnes and Noble, and we’ve even pulled apart the bookshelves in our very own in-house library. Here are the three most helpful books we could find that will assist you with sorting through the clutter and getting your house in order. The best part is that the three books will cost you less than one hour would with most professional organizers.

It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff by Peter Walsh

If you read only one book regarding organizing your home and reducing clutter, it should be It's All Too Much. This book is literally a life changer. It was sent to me by one of the most amazing people I know and I knew right away it'd be a winner. And it's the next best thing to hiring a famous home organizer since it was written by one. If you read only one book on getting rid of the clutter in your home, make sure it's this one. You won't be sorry.

Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping: Timeless Wisdom and Practical Advice by Miriam Lukken

This book offers practical advice from a nostalgic 1800s viewpoint, but was only published in the last four years. Mrs. Dunwoody is a fictional character who offers tips on cleaning and laundry and even recipes and etiquette. Save some space on your bookshelf for this eventual classic.

Home Organizing Workbook: Clearing Your Clutter, Step by Step by Meryl Starr

This clutter-free book simplifies the process of home organization. The Home Organizing Workbook also wins points for coming in a neat spiral-bound format. It’s easy to retrieve solutions to all your organizing needs by simply reaching for the appropriate tab divider. The tips and tricks outlined in this book are pretty much the same as what most professional organizers would advise you to do.

Of course, for any of these to work you’ll have to read the books, identity the tips most relevant to your situation, and then put those suggestions into action. It will take effort, but it will save you money. Now, get started. Clear the clutter without clearing out your wallet with these three books. Just make sure you let us know how it all goes.


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