How to Choose the Best Showerhead

Discover which model of showerhead is best for you

Choosing the best showerhead can be tricky. It's easy to be swayed by the more stylish designs that look good, but disappointment follows when it comes to performance. To avoid disappointment in your new showerhead, follow these tips and choose the right one.

Adjustable spray showerheads

Your best bet in choosing a new showerhead is most likely an adjustable spray model. Adjustable showerheads usually have three settings and provide a strong, dependable water flow. They're easy to install and are usually lower priced than other styles of showerheads.

The drawback to this model of showerhead is that they aren't very stylish and it can be hard to change the setting when your hands are wet. Overall, customers are happiest with these showerheads.

Rainshower showerheads

While rainshower showerheads are very popular, they ranked lowest in customer satisfaction. Customers buying these showerheads are happy with the appearance but very disappointed in the water pressure they provide. Water pressure was described at "wimpy" and state that it is difficult to rinse with these showerheads.

Rainshower showerheads also have such a wide stream that it is difficult to keep your hair dry if you want to and require extra plumbing parts making installation more difficult.

Shower towers

The most expensive choice in a new showerhead is a shower tower. These are the best if you are looking for a "spa" experience but don't want to go to the expense of installing behind-the-wall plumbing.

Be aware that if you want this "spa" experience, it costs more money -- for the fixture and the cost of using it. Shower towers use up to 2.5 gallons of water per nozzle per minute and will require that you have a larger hot water heater.

To choose the best showerhead for your home, take into consideration how you use your shower. Is it strictly utility -- a quick wash, or is the shower a place for relaxation? By thinking through your usage and your budget, you can easily get the best showerhead and enjoy it for years to come.


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