How to Choose a Digital Camera for Better Family Photos

Choose a digital camera that's best for your family

Choosing a digital camera can be a confusing process. Like everything else on the market, there are so many choices your head is spinning by the time you make a decision. To make sure you choose the camera that is best for you, follow these guidelines.

Guidelines for choosing a digital camera

It's great to have choices. The problem arises when you have so many choices you lose sight of what you wanted in the first place. This is exactly what happens to many people when they search for the perfect camera. To choose a digital camera that's best for you, keep these guidelines in mind.


How often are you going to be using the camera? If you want a camera that you can carry with you at all times, choose a compact or subcompact camera that is easy to take along. Choosing a bulky digital SLR is not as convenient.

How are you going to use the camera? Do you need a camera handy at all times to snap the latest photo of the grandkids or is photography your hobby? If you want high-quality photos with more choices for different photography techniques, choose a SLR that has features that tap into your creativity. On the other hand, a compact digital camera is great for having a camera handy for shots of the kids.


This is important. Getting carried away and "wowed" by all the fancy cameras that are on the market is pretty typical. Before you start looking for a camera, sit down and decide the absolute highest amount you can spend on a camera.

When you begin shopping, don't even look at cameras that are above this budget. You must have a set price and be determined not to go over that price; otherwise, you will get to the store and see cameras that are loaded with features you'll probably never use, but might be tempted into making an "impulse buy" at the time.


The features required on your new digital camera depend on how you are going to use it. A compact camera will have most of the features you need for family events and vacations. If you have a child that plays sports, consider a camera with zoom capabilities.

Choose a camera with the highest level of megapixels that fits your budget. Several of the least inexpensive cameras on the market have at least 10 megapixels. This level will give you good quality family photos -- anything higher is most likely unnecessary.

Research the specific features of digital cameras so you are familiar with them. If you see a feature you must have, keep that in mind when setting your budget. Make a list of these features to have with you when you begin your shopping.

The three most important guidelines to keep in mind when shopping for a digital camera are usage, budget, and features. Take time to consider each of these before shopping. By following these guidelines it will be much easier to choose a digital camera that's right for you and your family.


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