How to Change Shopping From Me to We

The Me to We movement offers a great opportunity for ethical shopping. It's not hard to find fair trade products and even eco friendly products these days. Most large centers have fair trade specialty stores, and a lot of major supermarkets and other chains have jumped on the ethical band wagon.

Even some major brands such as Cadbury have made a move towards greater responsibility by making their Dairy Milk bars fair trade. But for some reason, it's still difficult to find fair trade clothing. Getting clothes that don't cost a fortune, are made from eco friendly products, and don't involve slave labour can be a really difficult thing to do.

Enter Me to We, a subsidiary of the Free the Children charity movement originally started by a Canadian twelve year old. Now, the adult Craig Kilbourne continues to strive to free children across the globe -- and with the Me to We online shop, you can help free the children while you engage in your favorite activity (or at least mine): buying clothes.

Free the Children and Me to We

Free the Children began when twelve year old Craig Kilbourne read about a 12 year old boy who'd been murdered for speaking out against child labor after spending most of his life in sweatshops. Appalled, the young activist began campaigning for greater awareness of the work very young children do around the world: often dangerous, often unpaid, and always unfair.

As he grew older, Craig continued to work with Free the Children, which now has movements all across the globe as both young and old work to change how we view consumerism. As more and more people focus on ethical shopping, Me to We products offer a great way to make a statement and buy something fun, high quality, and ethically produced, all at the same time.

Let's Get Shopping!

If you like the idea of fair trade clothing made from eco friendly products, you're going to love the wide variety of clothes and accessories available on the Me to We website. Simply visit Me to We Style and start shopping! Whole Foods Market and Blue Banana Market also carry Me to We style products.

As people living in a wealthy country, we have a responsibility to be aware of what we're buying and where it comes from. When we shift our focus to ethical shopping, we strike a blow against child labor and help children around the world. Strike your own blow against unfair child labor (and get something cool) by visiting Me to We today!


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