How Does Your Computer Connect To The Web?

Today's Computer Users Have Multiple Internet Options

In the year 2007, given our reliance on home computers and the Internet, it’s hard to imagine that anyone still has a dial-up connection. However, surprisingly enough, there are many consumers who still use older technology to access the Internet. If you have a computer that still uses a telephone line and modem to connect to the Web, you don't know what you're missing. Let us open your eyes...

Fast Internet for Everyone

If you want a quick Internet connection, the good news is that it doesn’t cost as much as you you may think. While dial-up connections are generally affordable and the cheapest Internet connection option, cable modem and DSL aren’t that much more money -- especially considering how much more efficient they are.

Consumers can get DSL for less than $30 per month, and having a cable modem will cost a similar amount plus the cost of cable, which many consumers pay anyway. In fact, some cable companies offer all-in-one packages and will combine your phone service (local and long distance), your television cable and your Internet for one monthly fee.

Dial Ups and Molasses

Dial up used to be the only way for home computer users to access the Internet. Luckily, that has changed. Consumers now have better options for getting online. The main disadvantage of dial-up is that it is very slow. It takes much longer to navigate the web or download a file when you’re using a dial-up connection.

Cable and DSL Connections

Cable modems can provide your computer with Internet connectivity via your television's cable connection, but you obviously need to be a cable television subscriber. DSL is another option that is comparable to the speeds of cable, but DSL subscribers don't need to have cable television in their homes if they don't want it.

The Power of T3

A T3 connection is another option, but this is a very high-tech option, and it is usually too expensive for personal use. However, if you run a business from home and the benefits warrant the cost, you may very well want to consider the T3 option for your computer.

Home computer users have never had more options for Internet connections, and it’s likely that choices will only expand in the future.


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