House Hunting: Four Things to Keep in Mind

Four things you should always remember when house hunting.

House hunting can be an overwhelming task and it’s no surprise that it’s been rated as being one of the most stressful situations a person as to endure. However, house hunting doesn’t have to make you pull your hair out. By following a few helpful tips you’ll be able to hunt for houses with the best of them, and will likely come out a winner in the house hunting game.

Know Your Budget

Okay, nothing bothers a real estate agent more than someone who spends endless days with them searching for a home only to find out that the homes they’ve been looking at are $50,000 out of the person’s price range. The real estate agent and buyer have both suffered wasted time and the buyer faces serious disappointment in not being able to get the home they had their heart set on. Knowing how much your mortgage will be approved for before you start house hunting will ensure that you’re not wasting the real estate agents time, not to mention your own.

Know What You Need

Before you start house hunting, sit down and make a list of everything you need your next home to be. Do you want a single family residence or a townhouse? How many bedrooms do you need? Bathrooms? How about a basement? Do you want everything on one floor or is a two-story more to your liking? Is the school district important? Knowing what you need before you set out on your house hunting adventure will ensure you don’t waste valuable time running around homes that don’t suit any of your needs.

Research the Neighborhood

Before making the final decision as to whether or not to purchase a home, make sure you are very familiar with the neighborhood the home is located in. Nothing is worse than moving into a home only to find out that there’s a problem with crime or noisy neighbors. Drive through the neighborhood at night and see how things are and call the local police station and ask if they have frequent problems in the area you’re thinking of buying in.

Sometimes You Have to Pay Full Price

As a bargain hunter it kills me to say this, but sometimes you have to pay full price for the house you want. If you find a home in a highly-desirable area that’s priced to sell and there are a number of buyers looking at it, you may lose out on getting the home of your dreams if you don’t offer full price. In fact, some people have had to pay more for a home than the seller was originally asking because multiple buyers were going after the deal.


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