Homemade Cleaners Save a Surprising Amount of Money

Have you ever tried homemade cleaners? Chances are you have in a pinch -- my first experience with homemade cleaners came when I had to clean up a red wine stain in a hurry. To my surprise, my homemade internet recipe of baking soda and soda water worked miracles. But for a long time afterwards, in spite of my success, I kept using expensive and harsh chemical products.

But then I started trying to shop more effectively and save money, and I realized exactly how much I spend on chemical cleaners. And you can double that price if you use disposable products such as Swiffers which, while incredibly convenient, can also cost a fortune (and are less than green, too).

Fortunately, you can have a lot of extra money simply by making your own homemade cleaners! Here's how.

Recipes for Homemade Cleaners

One of the best things about homemade cleaners is that a few simple, inexpensive ingredients will clean just about every room in your house. Here are some ideas to get you started and save money today.

1. All purpose cleaner

You can clean just about anything with a combination of vinegar, water, and baking soda. Add a small amount of inexpensive dish soap and you have a recipe for cheap, long lasting cleaner for almost every room in the house.

To make a powerful all purpose cleaner, simply mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar (a few teaspoons at most) in a tall spray bottle. Let them fizz and then settle down. Add a squirt of dish soap and warm water. Shake it up (it will fizz again, so be careful) and viola: simple cleaner.

If you want a bit of a stronger cleaner, hydrogen peroxide is another very effective cleaner. Mix it with two parts water and a small amount of lemon juice to create a powerful cleaner.

2. Scrubbing cleaner

If you need to scrub something -- be it your stovetop, pots, or tarnished silver -- a paste made of baking soda and a small amount of water will do the trick. Use an old toothbrush and everything will be clean as new in moments, and without the scratches steel wool and the like tend to cause.

3. Window and mirror cleaner

For a matter of cents, you can make a big batch of window cleaner. Combine 1 cup of rubbing alcohol with a quart of warm water and add a small amount of ammonia and vinegar. If desired, you can also add small amounts of lemon juice. Combine in a spray bottle and use as you would commercial cleaners.

4. Furniture polish

Save a ton of extra money with furniture polish: combine equal parts vinegar and water, 1/4 cup olive oil, and 1/8 cup lemon juice. Shake well, spray onto wood furniture, and wipe down.

If you follow these recipes, you can save money at a surprising rate. Switch to homemade cleaners today!


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