Hidden Deals in Education

Advanced Placement Courses Can Reduce Your Cost for Higher Education

One of the best deals in education has to be advanced placement courses. If you have a child who is in high school or middle school, you might want to learn more about advanced placement courses. Your high school student can get the most out of his education by taking some advanced placement courses.

College Credit At The High School Level

Advanced placement (AP) courses are college-level courses that are offered at your local public high school. AP courses allow high school students to take introductory college courses as part of their high school curriculum. At the end of the year, students take an exam in order to determine if they can receive college credit for the course. The exam is scored on a scale of one to five. Almost every college accepts a score of five for college credit. If your student scores a three or four on the exam, whether or not they will receive college credit depends on the college they are attending because each school has their own guidelines. You will find a majority of schools accept a score of four for college credit.

A Huge Savings

AP courses are really a hidden deal in education especially considering that college tuition is on the rise. The possibility of getting college credit while still in high school at no additional cost is a deal. Taking into consideration the current cost of tuition, this could save you thousands of dollars. Or, if you are enrolling full time into a college, then you could take one less course in your first semester.

It's a Win-Win

What happens if you don’t get a high score on the AP test that give you credit? Well, you certainly didn’t waste your time. You will most likely pick up the concepts very quickly when you take the course again in college. Education is never wasted. You will have a competitive advantage against other students in your class. It is not unlikely for a student to get a two on the AP test and get an easy A for the college course because of their previous familiarity with the course concepts.

Take a look to see what AP courses your local high school offers. You might be surprised to find that your local high school offers a lot of courses. If your school offers a wide variety and your teen takes the maximum number of AP courses allowed, your teen can enter college with a full semester’s worth of college courses. This advantage will reduce the time and money they spend pursuing higher education.


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