Have You Considered Satellite TV Lately?

Advantages of Satellite TV

Satellite TV has several advantages over cable and on-the-air broadcasting. Sure, the satellite TV of yesteryear had its problems, but those have almost all been eliminated. If you haven’t considered satellite TV lately, you may not realize what you’re missing.

Quality Counts

The advantage of satellite TV compared to over the air broadcasting is quality. Satellite TV has crystal-clear reception based upon its digital technology. This is accomplished by converting and compressing all of the channels into a digit stream that is sent to your television. The resulting reception will display perfectly on your home theater.

The Weather Factor

What about when it rains or snows? You may be asking how this affects the satellite TV reception. The reception will may remain crystal clear unless there is some major displacement of your satellite. Just because it is snowing outside, there will not be snow your tv reception. However, bad storms have been known to knock out satellite reception until they pass.

Where Cable Can’t Go

When Satellite TV is compared to cable, one of the greatest advantages is availability. In most rural areas, cable tv is not available to households. The only requirement for satellite TV is the ability to point the satellite towards the southern sky.

The Cost Factor

What about the costs involved with satellite TV compared to cable? This is a complicated issue and it depends upon the type of service plans you buy from your provider. Generally speaking, comparable services should cost a little bit less using satellite TV compared to cable. However, this depends up the cable service available in your area.


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