Good News For Cell Phone Owners

Cell Phone Packages Just Got Better

Remember how excited we all were when they made all-inclusive long-distance land line packages available? Those of us who were paying hundreds of dollars each month in long distance charges were now able to get all the long distance calling we could handle for $30 or $40 a month. It was incredible. Well my friends, cell phones have taken the same direction. If you're paying a few hundred each month on cell phone charges, there's good news for you.

Unlimited Cell Phone Calling

For those of you who use your cell phones all day every day, there's good news. Many cell phone companies have now made unlimited calling plans available. For about $100 a month companies like Verizon and T-Mobile are offering unlimited anytime minutes for calls anywhere in the United States. Oh, and you can get unlimited messaging for about $20 more. Kiss roaming charges and minute overages goodbye.

The Bad News

There is some bad news for those of you on family plans, and that kind of stinks. For those of you who share minutes and plans with family members, the all-inclusive cell phone plans aren't as attractive. For example, Verizon charges almost $200 per month for the first two lines and the additional family plan lines are about $100 each. That's $500 a month for a family of five.

Now, that's not to say that people on family plans can't still benefit from the unlimited calling offers. If you have one member of the family who makes huge volumes of calls (or use one cell phone as your main home number) you can take that number out of the family plan and put it on the all-inclusive plan. You will have two separate phone bills, but the cell phone savings may be substantial enough to warrant it.


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