Getting Your Online Diploma -- Getting Ahead or Wasting Your Time

At first glance, an online diploma seems to be the answer for landing a great job or a salary increase in your field. Studying at home for lower costs appeals to everyone. Getting a diploma quickly and easily is another factor drawing people by the thousands to online schools.

While having a diploma can, in fact, improve your chances of getting a job and help climb the corporate ladder, you must be careful where you get that diploma. Be wary of factors when considering pursuing a school online diploma.

Getting your online diploma

First things first -- be aware that there are "diploma mills" that promise students degrees at accredited schools. These diploma mills exist solely to take your money and give you empty promises. While appearing authentic, sadly, many former students don't discover their diploma is worthless until they apply to college or apply for job.

To avoid this, watch for these things:

-- Online schools that offer diplomas or course credits based on "life" experiences.

-- Online schools that offer credit for little or no work.

-- Online schools that promise a diploma in a matter of weeks or months.

-- Be wary of schools that offer discounts if you sign up for more than one degree at a time.

-- Be wary of online schools that charge you by the degree as opposed to the credit hour.

-- Be wary of schools that don't have a street address -- only a P.O. Box or suite number.

Before signing up with any online school, check with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB keeps records of complaints by students who have received worthless diplomas. They are aware of the "diploma mills" and will let you know which to avoid.

It is very possible to earn your degree and receive an accredited diploma online. Many times this is the only way busy, older adults with families and full-time careers can earn a diploma. But be aware of diploma mills and do your homework to ensure your online diploma will be worth the paper it's written on.


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