Get the Skinny on 100 Calorie Packs

Learn the pros and cons of the latest diet snack food

100 calorie packs are the latest product on the diet scene. On the surface, they look like a good idea to help you stay on your diet and lose weight. But are they?

Here's the lowdown on this new diet snack.

100 Calorie Packs Pros and Cons

If you've ever been on a diet (and who hasn't?), you know the feeling. You're doing well sticking to your diet. You haven't cheated once, but then it hits. The craving for something that isn't a fruit or vegetable -- something that sort of resembles a treat. You don't want to blow your diet, so you check out the latest diet snack food -- the 100 calorie packs.

If you've been wondering if these snack packs are a good thing, here are a few pros and cons of these snack packs.


100 calories per serving -- If you stick to only one pack, you get a little break from your diet and still only consume 100 calories.

Satisfaction -- Sometimes it only takes a little bit to make that sweet or salty craving go away and one of these packs just might do the trick.


Serving size -- Most people are sadly disappointed when they see what's actually in one of these 100 calorie packs. Yes, there are only 100 calories per serving, but the amount of product you get isn't usually enough to satisfy a craving...causing you to eat two or three packs.

Product Appearance -- If you buy the Oreo snack pack expecting to get regular cookies with creamy filling, you'll be disappointed. The Oreos and other products have been changed in these snack packs in attempt to make them 100 calories per pack. Oreos are now just a cracker, Reese's wafers are two small servings, and Entenmann's Little Bites have two button-mushroom sized muffins. Overall, what is shown on the outside of the package isn't exactly what you'll be getting and you'll probably be disappointed.

Taste -- The taste of the products in the snack pack were, for the most part, altered from the original full-size product. Cheez-it and Doritos had a similar taste to the regular product but many others had the taste altered and in several cases they tasted worse than the original.

Size -- Be prepared for miniature Doritos and tiny Goldfish. The companies that produce these snack packs have shrunk their product to try to give customers the appearance that they are getting more product.

Cost -- If you eat one and only one 100 calorie snack pack and stick to your diet, you will lighten up. Even lighter than your weight, however, will be your wallet. The snack packs cost 16% to 279% more than the full-size products!

Looking for a way to have a snack or treat while dieting? Your best bet is to buy the regular sized product, go home, immediately divide it into smaller portions, and store in individual baggies.

When a craving hits you, get out one baggie and have a regular snack that tastes and looks like it should. You'll be much happier and that craving will be much more satisfied this way than with the 100 calorie packs.


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