Get the Best Bike Helmet Fit to Keep Your Child Safe

Learn how to get the right bike helmet fit to protect your child

Choosing the best bike helmet is the first step in keeping your child safe. But getting the right bike helmet fit is equally important. Without the proper fit, the best bike helmet in the world won't protect your child from a traumatic brain injury. Follow these tips to get the correct fit for maximum protection.

Getting the right bike helmet fit

Tip #1 -- The helmet should fit snugly, but not so tight that it's uncomfortable for your child. A helmet that is uncomfortably tight means that it is too small.

Tip #2 -- The bike helmet should be level in the front and sit one to two finger widths above your child's brow.

Tip #3 -- The straps on the helmet should form a "v" under each ear. If the straps are sitting crooked, it means that the straps aren't adjusted correctly and could come off easily in the event of a bike crash.

Tip #4 -- The buckle should be centered under the chin. Bike helmet buckles are not meant to buckle to the side, so if your child's strap is off-centered, readjust.

Tip #5 -- When you adjust the straps on your child's helmet, it should make the helmet snug enough that when your child's mouth is opened, the helmet gets pulled down slightly. If it's tighter, it will probably be so uncomfortable that your child won't want to wear it -- any looser and it won't protect your child during impact.

By finding the best bike helmet for your child and following these tips to get the right bike helmet fit, you can rest assured that you have done all the right things toward keeping your child safe in the event of a bike-related accident.


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