Get in Shape with Elliptical Trainers

Add a twist to your workout! Try elliptical trainers

Want to add a twist to your workout routine? Try elliptical trainers and shake things up a bit. These machines add variety and new dimensions to your training program.

Why elliptical trainers

We don't like to, but we know we need to move it. You know what I mean...cardio. Doing cardiovascular training is good for your heart and your overall health. The problem is that sometimes it just isn't a whole lot of fun. If you run outdoors to get your cardio in, not only are the weather conditions a factor, but fighting injuries that come with the rhythmic pounding on the asphalt is also common. Not so with elliptical trainers.

Benefits of using elliptical trainers

Due to the motion of elliptical trainers, there is no pounding on your feet, knees, and legs. These trainers move in a smooth elliptical motion. And not only is injury a thing of the past, but also strengthening your legs, hips, and glutes is more efficient. Simply because you can ramp up the resistance you get this bonus sculpted look!

Another feature of elliptical trainers is that you can "run in reverse" which would be very difficult while running outside or on a treadmill -- not to mention it would look rather ridiculous. Running in reverse on an elliptical trainer is easy and forces you to use your muscles in a whole different way engaging those cute quad muscles too.

Trainers are also good for those people who have weight and joint problems because you get the cardio benefit without a high-impact exercise which would be hard on your joints.

There are many benefits to making elliptical trainers your choice for your cardiovascular workout. If you've never tried one of these trainers, get a guest pass to one of your local gyms and give it a try. Once you've fallen in love with them, either buy a membership or consider buying your own trainer for your home.


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