Garage Sale Tips for Saving Money

Who needs garage sale tips? You go to the sales, you look at the items, you either buy or you don't. It's not exactly rocket science.

Well, that's true -- but if you're really out to get the most from a garage sale, there's a lot more to it than you might think. Learning how to garage sale can mean the difference between a morning of pleasant browsing and a morning of unique treasures. Sure, they're both fun in their own way -- but if there are things you actually need, I'm sure you know which you'd prefer.

So if you're really out to save money and have fun, use these garage sale tips to plan your attack.

How to garage sale effectively

The following tips will help you get the most out of your garage sale adventure.

1. Aim for a Saturday. There are garage sales on Friday and Sunday, and even during the week -- but if you're planning on a serious round of garage sales, Saturday is the day of choice.

2. Set an alarm. If you're hitting garage sales at even ten or eleven in the morning, you're too late: the real bargain hunters have already been there and swiped the best deals. Many garage sales start at 8 or 8:30, and that's when you should arrive. If you can find garage sales that start earlier, then by all means, get there earlier. Just don't pound on people's doors asking them to open early. They won't appreciate it.

3. Do your homework. Look online and in local newspapers to spot the best garage sales. If people take the trouble to advertise, their garage sale isn't as likely to be a spur of the moment pile of stuff from the basement. Look for lists of items that might interest you and words like 'moving sale,' 'multi family,' and 'estate sale.' Of course, some people use those terms loosely, so be careful.

4. Get a map. Seriously. Use your ads to plot out the garage sales you want to visit and then use a map to plan a route that takes you through all of them in an efficient way. Program them into your GPS if need be. You'll save yourself time, meaning you can get to more garage sales, and save effort in finding the places.

5. Realize that garage sale pricing isn't absolute. People expect to bargain. Make them an offer, and be willing to negotiate. If their garage sale pricing seems unreasonably high, think about coming back in a few hours, once they've realized that no one's willing to buy.

With a bit of effort, you can learn how to garage sale effectively and have fun at the same time. Garage sales are a great way to save money when you do them the right way. With these garage sale tips, you'll never be disappointed by garage sales again!


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