Friday Night Fun: A DVD Rental and Popcorn

The Weekly DVD Rental Just Got Easier!

If you love to plan your weekend around your weekly DVD rental, you might want to consider online rental services such as Netflix or Blockbuster. For a very reasonable fee, you could have your movie selections delivered right to your front door on a monthly basis for less than your weekly latte budget. That’s certainly not a bad deal for those who eagerly look forward to their predictable Friday DVD rental.

Online DVD Rental Services

Netflix is one popular DVD rental service that even includes free delivery. For around $18 per month you can get unlimited DVDs delivered right to your door. You get to avoid navigating busy traffic. You get to avoid long lines at the rental counter of your neighborhood video store, and you will never be subject to any late fees again. The fact that Netflix is unlimited is probably the best part! No more deciding who gets to choose the weekend movie rental. You can easily satisfy everyone with ordering one or two movies for each family member. The monthly cost clearly pays for itself after just 3 or 4 rentals.

Blockbuster Online is another DVD rental service and boasts having over 55,000 titles available. Plans start as low as $5.99 a month, and shipping is free. Membership also has other advantages as well. Members qualify for up to four in-store rentals each month. You can experience the convenience of having DVDs delivered right to your door, but also occasionally get the freedom to wander around a Blockbuster store and pick whatever movies look appealing.

If you are a movie fan or you have kids who enjoy renting DVDs, you might want to consider services such as Netflix or Blockbuster Online. Get the soda and popcorn ready because scheduling your next DVD rental (or rentals) has never been easier.


i am from India and intrestingly there are similar services here as well.... they operate on the similar lines are doing really well for themselves ..... one for instance is currently operating in Bangalore alone. I am a member of the service .... they definately make my weekend more exciting and fun!!!


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