Four Money Saving Websites That You Just Can't Miss

The Four Money Saving Websites My Wife is Addicted To

You've heard me say it before -- my wife is a money saving fiend. She is what some consider frugal and others consider cheap. Still others call her a bargain hound. I will be the first to admit, however, that at this time of year when money is tight and everyone needs a bargain my wife is the first person they run to when they want something nice for the lowest price possible. How can she know so much? Where does she find all of these deals? I'm about to spill the money-saving beans. Here are the four websites that my wife visits each and every day and I know for a fact they can save you a ton of cash... isn't a big mega-store site like so many of the sites you see on the Web. It actually only sells one thing a day, but that thing it's selling is sold at a big discount. Confused? It's actually a pretty simple concept. picks one thing to sell every 24 hours. I've personally seen money saving deals like a Roomba for about $150 and a giant remote control for senior citizens for less than $10. These are deals my wife has personally taken advantage of.

Just be careful -- Woot is addicting and you might find yourself buying things you don't need if the deals are good enough. Do not visit this site if you have a "deal addiction" or don't know when to say no. is built around a concept like, except my wife says the deals aren't necessarily as good as the Woot deals and you have to be more careful what you buy here. What kind of money saving deals does Shnoop offer?

We got a smoke alarm that records your voice instead of making a beeping sound. According to some recent studies it turns out that kids won't respond to traditional smoke detectors but will respond to a parents yelling voice. Hence, the recordable smoke alarm. We got them for about half price at Shnoop.

I have to say, the Gold Box is a favorite for my family. This one even I can get into since the deals aren't just geared towards women -- I've seen tools and nifty men's gadgets on sale here too.

Each day Amazon fills up your Gold Box with new offers and also offers "lightning deals" on your Gold Box page. These deals are usually between 50 to 70 percent off the regular price, which makes for some serious money-saving bargains.

Imagine a community where the only thing spoken of is hot deals and where to find them... Welcome to's forums. The Hot Deals forum at FatWallet is where thousands of people share deals across the country and throughout the Web. Want to know where to get an Xbox 360 for cheap? Need to find the newest PS3 game at a discount? The people in the FatWallet forums have the answers.

So there you have it -- four money saving websites that can save you thousands over the course of a year. I know this first hand thanks to my wife's ability to find a deal and act on it as naturally as some people breathe. A word of caution however -- if you do begin to frequent these money saving sites the UPS guy is gonna know you by name (and will tell you when you need to shovel your driveway) and the mailman will hate you for making his job harder.


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