Fluoride Treatments Explained

Should You Get Fluoride Treatments?

Many consumers wonder if fluoride treatments are really necessary. There are many dentists who highly recommend them, but some consumers opt not to get fluoride treatments. If you’re interested in knowing more about fluoride treatments, you will probably find the following information helpful.

To Treat Or Not To Treat…

Fluoride treatments are a routine part of a regular dental cleaning for children, but fluoride treatments are usually considered optional for adults. The good news is that fluoride treatments come in a wide variety of flavors. The bad news it that many dental insurance plans don’t cover the cost of fluoride treatments for adults.

Newer evidence seems to suggest that fluoride treatments can be more beneficial for adults than was previously thought. Fluoride is beneficial for baby teeth and prevents tooth decay, and now more dentists are beginning to believe that fluoride treatments can have similar benefits for adults too.

There is definitely not any harm to getting a fluoride treatment. If you actually enjoy getting a fluoride treatment, you will probably leave your dentist’s office in a better frame of mind and actually be much more motivated to maintain superb daily hygiene especially regular flossing.

A Matter of Cost

If your dental insurance covers fluoride treatments, you probably will want to get one. If your dental insurance doesn’t cover them, you will have to decide if you want to pay for the treatment out-of-pocket. The cost can vary, but fluoride treatments can cost between $25 and $50 depending on where you live. If you get a fluoride treatment at each visit, that will add up to between $50 and $100 a year.

If you have a medical spending account, you can usually receive reimbursement for fluoride treatments through the account. Cost can be a prohibitive factor for adults who want fluoride treatments. If you want a fluoride treatment but are concerned with cost, you could get a fluoride treatment just once a year.


Please check your facts before saying that there is no harm to a flouride treatment. EVERY ethically conducted clinical study has not only proven that there is NO BENEFIT to fluoride treatments, but that they are actually EXTREMLY harmful to your health. Even in small doses, fluoride causes everything from cancer, (that's right, cancer), to learning disabilities, Alzhiemer's, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, brain damage, seeps into the placenta and causes damage to the developing fetus, and actually pits the enamal of the teeth that it is claiming to protect! What people need to know is that fluoride is a TOXIC WASTE emmitted by fertilizer and aluminum companies who would otherwise have to pay upwards of $8000.00 a truckload to dispose of. It is the main ingregiant in many rat poisen's and wholesale containers are required to carry the skull-and-crossbones symbol of poisen. The fact that fluoride accumulates in our bodies raises the harmful affects of this POISEN to alarming proportions. Even people with completely healthy kidneys are only able to remove approx. half of the consumption of the fluoride intake in the average day. If any of this seems at all ambiguous to you, check out one of the many sources to be found out there that unequivicably confirm all that I have said, at: http://www.ecomall.com/greenshopping/fluoride.htm


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