Flea and Tick Protection For Pets Is Serious Business

What You Need To Know About Flea and Tick Protection for Pets

Fleas and ticks are not just major problems for your pets, but for you and your family as well. Fleas cause severe itching and scratching in pets and humans alike. They are usually pretty harmless, but still can cause damage such as sleepless nights and constant scratching - not to mention the horrendous challenge of getting rid of them. Ticks can be very dangerous. They've been known to spread Lyme disease and other nasty problems. How do you protect yourself?

Flea and Tick Prevention Methods

There are a variety of products, tools and resources that a pet owner can use to keep your pet happy and healthy. The majority of flea and tick prevention products include collars, topical treatments and internal medicines.

One product that can be used to prevent flea and ticks is Pro Spot. This is a liquid medicine that comes in two forms; oral and topical. The oral medicine should be given to your pet twice a week for a duration specified by your veterinarian. The topical treatment is applied only once every two weeks until the fleas are gone (if fleas are present) and then once a month to once every three months thereafter.

If Prevention Fails

If prevention fails and you end up getting fleas and ticks in your home or yard, you'll need to use powerful "dips", foggers and yard sprays. You want to address the problem as soon as you discover it. Especially with fleas. Due to their rapid breeding cycle you can end up with a serious problem in a matter of weeks. Once you do get a handle on the problem, make sure you go back to flea and tick prevention methods and don't get lax! It's easier to keep the buggers away than it is to get rid of them.


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