Finding Out about Consumer Safety Recalls

Consumer Safety Recalls are Designed to Protect the Consumer

Many products are manufactured and sold every year, but an even smaller number are subject to consumer safety recalls. Many consumers don’t take advantage of consumer recalls nearly as often as they should. Reasons for this stem from the fact that many consumers don’t even know whether or not items that they own have been recalled. Consumer safety recalls are intended to benefit consumers, yet some consumers don’t even know about them.

Being in the Know

There are a few ways that you can become informed about consumer safety recalls. The federal consumer website,, has information on recent recalls, and it even has a search feature that allows consumers to search for recalls by the agency overseeing the recall such as the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the FDA, the USDA, and the EPA. This can be a great resource to go to any time you are concerned about whether or product you own has been recalled or not.

Helpful Resources

If you are a parent, you probably have noticed that popular parenting magazines are another source for being informed about consumer safety recalls. Magazines like Parents and Parenting usually include the latest information about toy recalls, and if you’re a parent you obviously know there are plenty of toys laying around your home.

Another way you can be informed about consumer safety recalls is directly from the manufacturer. Any time you purchase a new item you’re probably aware that there is usually a registration card enclosed which you are recommended to fill out and send in. Companies keep this information on file, and they will contact you if a product is recalled.

What Will It Cost You?

If you take advantage of a consumer safety recall, you will usually be fairly compensated for the item either with a replacement item or cash. When possible, sometimes your item will be repaired.

One remaining common way that many consumers find out about a consumer safety recall is through their nightly news. Take advantage of all the above avenues to find out about whether there is a consumer safety recall on an item that you own.


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