Easy Ways to Save with Manufacturer’s Coupons

Use Manufacturer’s Coupons to Save Money without Spending Too Much Time

It’s funny to me that a topic as simple as manufacturer’s coupons can turn into a hot debate. There are those who swear by them and those who insist that they do nothing but waste your time and entice you to buy things you don’t need. So who’s right? Well, depending on the circumstances, it can go either way. I used to think manufacturer’s coupons were a waste of time -- now I know better.

The Trick to Saving Money

There is a trick to saving money with manufacturer’s coupons and it is as simple as this – don’t clip a coupon for something you wouldn’t normally use. Let’s say you were looking at a page that had three coupons on it. One was for a butter spread that you purchase on a regular basis, one was for a salad dressing that you use every once in a while and another was for a product you’d never even heard of.

Simply clip the two coupons for the products you’d buy anyway and let the other coupon make its way to your garbage can. If you only clip coupons for the things you normally buy, you’re not in any danger of coupons enticing you to buy things you don’t really need.

Planning Ahead Can Pay Off

Okay, this does take a little bit of time, but it can really pay off. Each week, when you get your weekly grocery flyers, make a shopping list of the things you need and the sale items you want to buy. Then go through your manufacturer’s coupons and take out as many as you can for the items on your list.

This way, you’re going to the grocery store with a pre-determined shopping list (which is always a good idea) and in addition to getting sale prices on some of your items, you get the additional discount offered by the manufacturer’s coupons.

Save Time

If you are one of those people who just don’t have time to clip manufacturer’s coupons from the paper, I have a solution for you. It’s actually a site that I use quite often and I have never really shared it with anyone except my immediate family members (because I don’t want all of the good coupons disappearing). However, I feel that I must remain loyal to my readers so I’m letting you in on it.

Each week, I visit TheCouponClippers.com website. At this website, I can do a quick search for all of the products I’ll be buying in the next few weeks and I order whatever coupons TheCouponClippers.com site has for the products I need. Now the coupons aren’t free, you do have to pay for them (usually five or ten cents each), but the savings really add up.

Here’s just one example of my recent savings experience with this website. I purchase Iams cat food for my feline family members. It’s not cheap, but I highly recommend NEVER EVER buying your cat cheap cat food. I searched TheCouponClippers.com website for Iams coupons and guess what?

I found coupons for $5 off a 8-pound bag or larger. I ordered three of the manufacturer’s coupons at a price of fifty cents each and when I redeemed the coupons I saved a total of fifteen dollars. That’s a $13.50 return on a $1.50 coupon investment and it took just a couple of minutes to order the coupons on the website. Do that for a few different products each week and you see how the savings start to add up.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line, if you care about saving money (and I will admit there are some who really don’t) then I highly suggest either clipping coupons yourself or using the services of a website like TheCouponClippers.com. You will be surprised at how your savings will add up over the course of a year.


I do most of my shopping at warehouse stores which don't take coupons.

My local groceries will NOT allow use of coupons taken off the internet. Is this a problem that has been reported to you before?

If you have more than one
coupon for a sale item that
you use all the time, buy as
many as you have coupons for
to stockpile your pantry.
Just make sure you don't buy more than you can use
before the expiration date
on the product. I really
like not having to pay full
price if I don't have to.
My mother taught me this in the 1950's!


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