Do You Offer Companies Positive Feedback As Well As Negative?

Why Consumers Should Think About Offering Positive Feedback

Consumers have many ways to pursue a problem that a company isn’t handling properly. One common way is to contact the company directly either via phone or a written letter and outline their problem or concern. In fact, very few consumers have problems voicing their complaints. But what about compliments? Why don’t more consumers offer compliments when the situation warrants it?

Is It Easier to Complain Than Compliment?

Companies tend to get way more negative feedback from consumers then they do positive feedback. That is because consumers don’t hesitate to notify a company when they have had a negative experience, but they fail to notify a company when they’ve had a positive experience.

When you’re satisfied with a product or service, you take that positive experience for granted. Negative experiences tend to stand out more.

Think about all the times you’ve contacted a business about their services or products. How often was that feedback for the purpose of voicing a complaint? More often than not, it is for the purpose of a voicing a complaint rather than commending a job well done.

Good Service is Hard to Find

In today’s day and age, good customer service is hard to find. When you do encounter it, why not take the name of the person who helped you and write a letter saying how pleased you were with the service.

It’s to the point where companies expect to receive complaint letters, but compliment letters usually come as a surprise. If a company does something wrong, then by all means make a complaint -- But if they do something right, make that known as well.


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