Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance Tips

When you’re planning a big vacation, you may wonder whether or not you need travel insurance. While it's not always necessary, there are certain circumstances when travel insurance might be a good idea. Below you’ll find more information about travel insurance and tips on determining when you might need it.

Paying for Peace of Mind

You’ll always find at least a few individuals who insist on travel insurance because of a bad experience they had with their vacation. If you’ve ever had a bad experience where things went wrong or you had to cancel at the last minute, you’d probably understand why some people just won't book travel plans without travel insurance to cover them.

What Does Travel Insurance Do for You?

Travel insurance that covers the cost of your trip in the event that you have to cancel is the most common type of travel insurance. Consider your past experience with vacations. How often have you had to change your plans or cancel in the past?

Many consumers plan and go on vacations every day, and never need the travel insurance they paid for. As with many things in our lives, you’ll probably end up needed travel insurance the one time you don’t purchase it.

You’ve probably gone to great lengths to plan your vacation and took time off work. You’ve also probably spent quite a nice sum, perhaps as much as $6,000, to go on your vacation. Wouldn’t it make sense to spend another $100 or even less so that you can receive monetary compensation in case you have to cancel or delay your trip?

Adding it Up

When deciding on whether or not you need travel insurance, it’s important to take into consideration the entire cost of your trip. Determine what parts of your trip are refundable. If you buy refundable airline tickets, then you should not have to worry about losing that money.

Keep in mind any deposit you had to make in order to hold your hotel room. Determine how much travel insurance will cost you, and then try to estimate how much peace of mind it will give you. If you had to cancel your vacation due to illness or a death in your family, how much would that affect you?

You can also get travel insurance to cover accidents or medical expenses or loss of baggage. The best advice is to shop around before you buy travel insurance to get the best deal. If you have a travel agent, he or she will likely offer it and might even require you to sign forms if you choose not to. Travel insurance is a great way to protect the money you’ve invested in your trip.


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