Do You Have Critical Toy Recall Information?

Finding Out about Toy Recalls

If you have children, you can easily get overwhelmed when you hear reports of toy recalls making the news. There are some easy ways to stay on top of all the toy recalls. The time spent researching toy recalls is definitely worth it, considering it's your child’s health and safety that is at risk.

Where to Look?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website lists the latest information on toy recalls. Visit this website periodically to stay up-to-date on any new toy recalls. We prefer this method because it is the quickest way to find out about toy recalls.

Hit the Magazine Stands

Parenting magazines are another great source of toy recalls. Parenting magazines typically list the latest information on toy recalls and often include a picture of the recalled toys as well. If you have any parenting magazine subscriptions, give them a closer look. Oftentimes the toy recalls are listed in their own separate section.

Turn on the T.V.

Local and national news programs also cover toy recalls from time to time. While you might not hear about every toy recall on the news, the local and national media are certainly both great resources.

Don't Forget to Register

Another incredibly efficient way to stay up-to-date on toy recalls is to fill out any forms or cards that come with new toys. We know it's a pain, but make sure you send the cards in. That way the manufacturer will have your contact information if a toy recall should occur.

What If?

The above ways can help you stay on top of any new toy recalls, but what do you do if a toy you have does get recalled? If you find out a toy you own is recalled, follow the procedures recommended from the source that provided you with the recall information. You can also contact the manufacturer directly. In most cases, you will either get a product replacement or a full refund when you own a toy that is recalled.


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