Do Paid Surveys Really Pay?

Making Money with Paid Surveys

If you’ve never seen an ad promising you can make money by participating in paid surveys, then you must have on heck of an email filter and your web surfing is probably kept to a minimum. However, if you’re anything like most Internet users, you’ve probably seen your fair share of such ads. But can paid surveys really make you the kind of money these ads promise, or is it just another scam?

What They Promise

If the paid surveys ads are true, then you could reasonably expect to make anywhere from $25 per hour to $150 per hour by taking paid surveys and participating in focus groups. Many websites say that there are secret methods to making a better-than-full-time income if you know how to play the game. And they’re willing to teach you -- for a fee of course.

The Real Scoop

I’ll be the first one to stand and admit you can indeed make money by taking paid surveys. In fact, I’ve done so on occasion and at one time received regular monthly checks in the mail due to my paid survey endeavors. However, that was then, this is now.

The Internet has changed, and the opportunities for paid surveys have changed with it. While at one time you may have gotten $20 for taking a paid survey, now you usually only get $5 or less.

If you want to participate in paid surveys for extra cash in your spare time, then yes, paid surveys are a real opportunity. But if you’re looking to make a full-time income off of paid surveys, you’ve got another thing coming.

And, by the way, the sites that want to charge you to start taking paid surveys aren’t really paid surveys sites. They’re just websites that list all of the paid survey opportunities available. You can get the same information for free by searching Google.

So do yourself a favor -- if you need a full-time income, don’t look to paid surveys for it and if you want to participate in paid surveys for some extra cash, don’t pay to do so.


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