Do Dryer Balls Work?

Ever wanted to know if dryer balls live up to the hype?

There's one question I wanted answered this year: do dryer balls work? You see them all the time in the supermarket -- pointy plastic looking balls, like a cross between a golf ball and some sort of medieval weapon. So what's all the fuss about, and why would you want these things in the first place?

Dryer ball pros:

There are actually a lot of reasons people consider using dryer balls. Just a few include:

-- The environment:

It's a lot better for the earth if you can reuse the same thing over and over again rather than throw out dryer sheets every day. I know it doesn't seem like a lot of waste, but if every household in America throws away one dryer sheet a day, well... you get the idea.

-- Convenience:

Ever run out of dryer sheets and had to make a late afternoon run to the grocery store? This is the main reason people wonder: do dryer balls work?

-- Garment care:

Dryer sheets are actually coated in wax (you can feel it). When the dryer heats up, the wax is absorbed into your garments, preventing them from sticking together. Unfortunately -- especially in the case of towels -- it also prevents them from absorbing water properly in the future.

But do dryer balls work?

The answer is an enthusiastic yes! Dryer balls actually work quite well. No, they're not quite as efficient as wax coated sheets -- now and then a sock might stick to something. But you won't have that horrible static electricity, and your towels will once again absorb water!

If you don't want to turn to dryer balls, there's a home remedy that's almost as effective: balls of tin foil. Believe it or not, these work wonders: just crumple up two or three tin foil balls and toss them into the dryer. They work exactly the same as dryer balls (although they do produce a bit more waste).

So wonder no longer. Dryer balls work... and I'm off to buy another set today!


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