Diet Ice Cream: Myth, Dream, or Fact?

Even if you're on a diet, ice cream doesn't have to fall from your meal plan! Check out these low cal favorites

I love ice cream, but the thought of diet ice cream makes me cringe. All too often, we're talking about grainy, sticky clumps of too sweet goo with a vaguely dairy feel to them. Fortunately, though, diet ice cream doesn't have to be awful. The key lies in compromise. If you try to go with nonfat, no sugar ice cream, it will probably taste like, well, it doesn't have any fat or sugar.

Instead, you want to opt for lowered fat and sugar. And by the way, don't think that going for something like rice milk or soy products makes the calorie count automatically improve -- some tofu based products boast more fat than Hagen Daaz!

But there are companies out there making fantastic diet ice cream, so before you get too despondent, give these brands a try.

1. Edy's Slow Churn

Edy's is well known for making ice cream with significantly less fat than its competitors. Not only that, but it tastes great. Edy's doesn't bill their slow churn as diet ice cream, perhaps because they don't want to be associated with that disgusting low cal taste. Still, indulging in a small bowl of this is sure to keep your sweet tooth satisfied without causing a diet crash and burn.

2. Breyer's Slow Churn

For some reason, "slow churn" and "extra creamy" seem to be code for "diet ice cream." Don't worry -- that's a good thing. Like Edy's, Breyer's slow churn ice creams are well known for lower calorie and fat counts than their counterparts (which are, I don't know, churned really fast?). If you don't believe me, do some label comparisons next time you're in the supermarket and check for yourself.

3. Skinny Cow

Skinny Cow isn't quite as tasty as Breyer's or Edy's, but it's real diet ice cream -- super low in fat, sugar, and calories -- and as diet ice cream goes, this tastes good. At any rate, it will keep you satisfied on a hot summer day.

So don't despair: diet ice cream does exist, and it doesn't have to mean slimey and tasteless.


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