Designer Shoes Can Be Cheap Shoes

Looking For Cheap Shoes That Aren't "Cheap"?

My wife has a love/hate relationship with the word "cheap". She likes getting stuff for cheap, but she hates things that look cheap. Hence, the reason why she loves cheap shoes that have designer labels attached to them. She assumes that everyone else has the same problem and came to me the other day with ways to get cheap shoes that look great. She did this in hopes that I'd share the information with the readers here. Hence, this "cheap shoes" article is geared a bit towards women (although us guys can use the tips too.)

The Shoe Amazon

I never would have guessed Amazon (yes, would be a great cheap shoes resource, but my wife swears by their shoe website at I visited it after hearing her rave about it (and seeing multiple boxes arrive from them over the past few months) and saw what she was so excited about.

First, is not like any other cheap shoes website I've seen. They have high-end names and they don't just offer free overnight shipping, but they pay you $5 for overnight shipping. Yes, you read that right. You get $5 off your order and sends out the package via overnight delivery.

My kids' entire school shoe wardrobe came from the site with brands like Little Laundry, Geox, Nine West, T-Mac and more. Oh, and those flip flops my wife HAD to have this summer (Havaianas or something like that) were there too. With these cheap shoes you can't go wrong.

Off 5th

If you have a Saks Off 5th near you, I'd suggest shopping there for cheap shoes. My wife got a pair of $250 Prada sandals for $50 during one of their designer sales and she bought Juicy Couture flip-flops for her sister for less than $15. Cheap shoes from couture lines. Not a bad deal.


Okay, this isn't my wife's idea -- it's mine. I love eBay for everything, and that includes shoes. My Nike gyms are from eBay as are my Hugo Boss casuals. I got these cheap shoes for about 80 percent off just by shopping on eBay and they were brand new in the box.

When it comes to cheap shoes, online or off, you have quite a few options to choose from. Of course, if you know of any other great places for cheap shoes my wife would love to hear about them. You can drop me a line in the comments and I'll check it out (prior to passing it on to her, so my wallet won't take too hard a hit...)


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