Debt Counseling: Who Can You Trust?

Where to turn and where not to turn for your debt counseling needs.

If you think you’re in need of debt counseling, you probably are, but where do you turn to for your debt counseling needs and who can you trust?

I’m Max Anderson and I’m going to go over some debt counseling basics with you, telling you where you can turn and who you can trust for your debt counseling needs and who you should avoid.

The Church

First things first, if you belong to a church, they may be able to help you with your debt counseling needs. Many churches offer debt counseling to their parishioners free of charge. If you belong to a church and you find yourself in need of debt counseling, they may be the first ones you turn to in your time of need.

Nonprofit Orgs

There are many nonprofit organizations that will help manage your debt counseling needs. The key is finding the ones that are reputable. Before working with any nonprofit organization, check into the background and check with the BBB. Just because a company is nonprofit doesn’t mean it’s on the up and up.

Professional Debt Counseling Services

There are many professionals that are available for hire for your debt counseling needs. However, they usually charge a pretty penny, which will get you even further in debt. If you find yourself in need of debt counseling, check with the church or a nonprofit organization before you even consider a professional debt counselor.

Self Help Books

If you’re disciplined enough to go it on your own, self help books are a great resource of debt counseling help. If you enjoy reading and are able to learn from a book, there are a number of books available on the market that cater to debt counseling needs.

The Internet

The Internet is another great resource for your debt counseling needs. From articles to debt counseling directories and services, the Internet has an abundance of tools and resources to choose from.

While it may not be easy to admit that you’re in need of debt counseling services, finding the right debt counseling service to go to is the first step towards facing your debt counseling needs. If you face your debt counseling needs head on, you’ll be well on your way to debt recovery.


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