September 26, 2006

Canadian Telemarketing Laws Explained

Do Canadian Telemarketing Laws Favor Consumers?

It seems that Canadian telemarketing laws are quite different from the laws the U.S. has implemented in regards to telemarketing operations. The United States currently has a national do-not-call list which consumers are ultimately grateful for. At present, Canadian telemarketing laws are not as strict as U.S. laws, but that doesn’t mean Canadian citizens are completely without protection or recourse.

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September 16, 2006

Attention All Long-Distance Callers!

Find Out How to Save Money on Your Long Distance Calling Charges

It’s surprising to find out that there are still many consumers who stll pay for long distance calling. With a growing number of companies now offering phone service that includes unlimited long distance, it seems like a complete waste of money to have to pay a high per-minute rate for long distance calls. If you’re still paying by the minute for the long distance calls you make, there are some things you need to know about.

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September 12, 2006

The Nuisance of Junk Faxes

What You Need to Know about Junk Faxes and Your Rights

If you’ve been bombarded with junk faxes and are frustrated with the unnecessary clutter and aggravation they have created in your office or life, you may be relieved to know that you do have legal recourse. Companies are obligated to either provide you with information that will allow you to opt out of their junk fax list (much like opting out of email) or adhere to your fax or phone request that they stop sending you junk faxes.

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