College Scholarship Search Services Explained

Can Someone Guarantee Your Child a College Scholarship?

If you’re the parent of a teen who will be headed off to college in the upcoming years, you might be wondering how you should go about pursuing college scholarship opportunities. College tuition is escalating, and college scholarships can certainly help cash-conscious families defray some of those costs. There are many businesses that claim to be able to guarantee your child will get college scholarships. But is that really possible? Do you really need to pay someone so that your child gets college scholarships?

It's Not Cheap

First of all, college scholarship search services aren't exactly cheap. In fact, they are usually upwards of $500. And while $500 may not seem like a lot when you're being "guaranteed" a scholarship worth thousands of dollars, the claims may actually be misleading. No one can guarantee that your child will get any college scholarships. Whether you use a college scholarship service or not, your child will have to apply for the scholarship and the scholarship committee will have to make a decision based on the criteria required.

What Exactly Do They Provide?

A college scholarship search service really doesn’t have access to any scholarship information that you or your child can’t get on your own. When you pay for a college scholarship search service you are essentially paying someone a lot of money to condense all the information you can get on your own from various sources. Your child will still have to fill out all the applications and make sure that all the required information is forwarded with the application such as school transcripts and letters of recommendation. Applying for college scholarships can be time-consuming no matter what, and if you save money by finding the scholarships yourself, you can put that money towards your child’s education.

Consumer Beware

If you do decide to go with a college scholarship search service, keep the following information in mind. Get any promises in writing. If that company promises that your child is guaranteed scholarships or you will get your money back, then make sure that you get that in writing. Also make sure they specify the scholarship amount in the agreement. What good is it to pay $500 for a college scholarship search service, if your child only gets awarded a $250 college scholarship?


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