Clothes Shopping and the Family Budget

Tips for Getting More Clothes with Your Family Budget

Clothing is an essential part of any annual family budget. However, the cost of designer clothes tends to be very high when the items are not on sale. This article will give you a few pointers on how to buy clothes and save a few bucks in the process.

In Due Course

One important realization is that you need to build a wardrobe over time. If you are starting from nothing, it is best to start adding timeless pieces to your wardrobe first. This will include sensible jeans, not trendy jeans, Dockers in muted shades, and plain colored shirts in several shades.

Make certain that your jeans are not overly trendy such as hanging to low on the waist or have precut rips in them for style. Trendy jeans are expensive and also will not be as versatile for you. Trendy jeans can blow both your entire clothing budget and even your family budget since some styles approach $200 a pair.

Quality Counts

When it comes to clothes, do try to buy the highest quality your family budget will allow. Target, and Costco are good stores to save money and maintain your family budget. Combine their basic pants with discounted shirts from a major department store to get a nice look.

Wearing It Smart

It’s best to combine an inexpensive top with a designer pant or vice versa. If you wear an entire outfit bought at discount, it is sometimes obvious. Don’t blow the family budget, but do try to pair elegance with economics.

Shoes Too

For shoes, it is recommended that you buy quality because they will last much longer. That doesn’t, however, mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars a pair.

Some online stores offer shoes at a discount and you can find coupon codes to sweeten the deal. If you buy your shoes this way, it won’t kill your family budget and you may be able to get more than one pair.


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