Choosing the Best Toilet Paper

Think before you flush

Finding the best toilet paper isn't something you talk about around the dinner table at home or the water cooler at work. It is, however, a fact of life and choosing the wrong toilet paper complicates your life, is more expensive, and creates more work for you.

Here's how.

Choosing the best toilet paper

We don't usually put much thought into our toilet paper choice, until the toilet won't flush. Clogged drains and expensive plumbing bills have a way of making us stop and reconsider what type of toilet paper we've been using.

If you're tired of plumbing problems or spending too much money on the "softest" or "most eco-friendly" toilet paper only to be disappointed, here are some tips for you.

When expensive doesn't mean better quality

Tests showed that the most expensive toilet papers on the market weren't the best. Costco and Walmart brand toilet papers were better quality and half the price of Quilted Northern, Charmin, and Cottenelle.

When plusher isn't better

There are many choices in toilet paper today. It seems each company is trying to outdo the other with their number of sheets, number of plies, softness and thickness of their toilet paper. Not only are the brands that offer these "extras" more expensive, they are also more likely to clog your pipes.

Toilet paper brands like Charmin that offer more piles per sheet also failed to disintegrate and caused more clogs than other brands. You need to pay special attention to this if you have children who tend to use a lot of toilet paper or you have a septic tank.

When green isn't so good

There is great effort these days to get consumers to switch to "green" products in effort to help the environment. In most cases, this is good. However, you have to be on the look out to make sure the product you are buying truly is good for the environment.

Marcal's 1000 nd Seventh Generation toilet papers advertise that they are "green" and soft. Not only were they not softer than other brands, they didn't do very well on the disintegration tests either.

The next time you are choosing your toilet paper, give it a little more thought and compare brands and prices. Remember, that some of the less expensive brands were better quality and more eco-friendly making them the best toilet paper to choose.


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