Choosing the Best Flat Screen TV

Learn the features of LCD and Plasma for the best flat screen TV

Choosing the best flat screen tv can be tricky. Even after you get past the overwhelming and awesome display of flat screens at your local store, you still need to wade through tons of information and pros and cons before you can choose. Here are some features of LCDs and Plasma to help you choose the best flat screen tv for you.

LCD vs. Plasma -- Which is the Best Flat Screen TV?

Plasma TVs

We always want the most bang for our buck. That's what you get with a plasma TV. For the same amount of money, you can buy a bigger screen if you go with a plasma TV.

Plasma TVs have the best deep black levels and high contrast to give you a theater-like experience.

Images look the same on a plasma TV regardless of your angle from the TV. This is important when watching TV with a room full of people. With plasma, you get a clearer and distortion-free picture.


LCDs are known for having a brighter picture than plasmas. So if your TV is going to be in a bright room in your house or you do a lot of daytime viewing, take this into consideration.

If you use your TV to play a lot of video games, you may want to choose an LCD. LCDs are less likely to have static image burn.

LCDs tend to use less electricity making them more eco-friendly than the same sized plasma screen TV. While it will only make a couple of dollar's difference each month in your utility bill, it's definitely the "green" choice.

Take along this list to help you while you shop for your new TV. By keeping these features in mind, you'll be able to choose the best flat screen TV for you and your family.


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