Child Modeling Ins and Outs

Tips for Breaking into Child Modeling

Perhaps you’ve been told by countless friends, family members, and strangers that your child is adorable and you should get him or her into child modeling. You might be wondering where you should turn to get your child started in the business. You might have even seen ads promising to get your child auditions. Show business is pretty competitive, and if you’re unfamiliar with the lingo and tools of the trade you might be at a loss for where to begin. There are legitimate opportunities in child modeling for both local publications and national companies such as Baby Gap and Gymboree. Before you invest a lot of money into pursuing child modeling, there are some important tips and information you should keep in mind.

The Lowdown On Up-Front Fees

Overall, most industry experts agree that you shouldn’t have to front money to get you child modeling jobs. Yet, every day parents complain they were scammed out of money they paid in return for promises of helping break into the business. No one can promise you will get a job. Requirements vary, and different companies are looking for different things. There are no guarantees your child will get work.

Breaking into child modeling can be as simple as sending a snapshot you took into a modeling agencies. If they are interested, they will contact you. And legitimate modeling agencies only take money after they’ve booked a job for you.

Schools Are Not Agencies

Before investing any money in pursuing child modeling, you should know the difference between modeling agencies and modeling schools. Modeling agencies will have an agent represent you and book you for gigs. Modeling schools won’t actively seek out work for you. Instead they will provide you with training and other opportunities for learning how to talk, walk, and act. There are legitimate modeling schools, but the problem is that the less than respectable companies ruin it for the rest of the companies. They “promise” to get children modeling jobs, but they can’t always deliver on that promise.

Read the Fine Print

If you do decide to pursue child modeling through a specific company and are given a contract to sign, read it over closely. The best piece of advice is for you to take the contract home and read it over word for word before signing it. Child modeling is a legitimate industry. Obviously if it weren’t there would be no Baby Gap ads. You just need to be cautious when pursuing child modeling because there are many companies that are dishonest and try to capitalize on parents’ dreams for their children.


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