Canadian Telemarketing Laws Explained

Do Canadian Telemarketing Laws Favor Consumers?

It seems that Canadian telemarketing laws are quite different from the laws the U.S. has implemented in regards to telemarketing operations. The United States currently has a national do-not-call list which consumers are ultimately grateful for. At present, Canadian telemarketing laws are not as strict as U.S. laws, but that doesn’t mean Canadian citizens are completely without protection or recourse.

Laying the Groundwork

Canadians were fed up with telemarketing practices and the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) responded. The CRTC issued stricter rules for telemarketers but, unfortunately, they didn’t establish a national do-not-call list.

Telemarketers who profit by marketing their goods and services directly to consumers might feel the new restrictions are burdensome, but consumers often feel that the restrictions and Canadian telemarketing laws aren’t enough.

The Law Helps Those Who Help Themselves

As a consumer, there are some things you can do to minimize the disruption that telemarketers create. You can take your phone off the hook during dinnertime to avoid the nuisance of repeated phone calls from telemarketers. You can also request the company not call you again. Companies must remove your name within 30 days if you request that your name be removed from their list.

Another way to circumvent the current Canadian telemarketing laws is to mail a request to the Canadian Marketing Association to have your phone number removed from marketing lists. Keep a copy of the correspondence you send and make note of the date you sent it. This method can be more effective than individually requesting companies not call you because it is less time-consuming.

Hopefully, Canadian telemarketing laws will follow the lead of U.S. laws. Many individuals in the U.S. are very pleased with the current do-not-call list and the telemarketers who are ignoring the law are becoming fewer and fewer because they are paying heavy penalties. Until Canadian telemarketing laws change to favor the consumer, take advantage of the above suggestions for reducing the ability of telemarketers to contact you.


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