Beware When Buying Designer Brands Online

Some Designer Brands Deals Are Too Good To Be True

Many of us love designer brands, but we don't love the prices. Rolex, Cartier, Chanel, Juicy Couture, Fendi, D&G -- the list goes on. The brands are beautiful, no doubt about it. The prices, however, can get rather ugly for the budget-minded consumer. That's why many of us turn to the Internet for designer brand deals. The problem is, some deals are indeed too good to be true. Before you consider buying designer brands online, learn how to protect yourself (and your wallet).

The Imitation Game

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's not always a duck. For every designer brand on the market, there's a knock off imitating the look, style and even the logo.

You might think that trademark laws keep you safe from buying fake designer brands online. You might want to think twice. Some people find ways to get around the law while others completely disregard it.

Just because you see a picture online that looks like the nice Chanel bag you want (for hundreds less than you should pay) doesn't mean it's really Chanel. It's hard to tell the quality and craftsmanship from a photo.

Who Can You Trust?

In a nutshell, only trust the sellers who are authorized to sell designer brands by the fashion houses themselves. If you buy a Juicy Couture track suit from, you're safe. If, however, you get one off eBay, you might be buying a knock off that will fall apart after a few uses.

Now, with that being said, you can find real designer brands at sites like eBay for great prices. Before you bid on any designer item, however, make sure the seller purchased it directly from the store and that they still have the store receipt. Otherwise you don't know what you're really getting.

And remember, just because an item has "tags" doesn't mean it's authentic. If people can make knock offs of designer brands and imitate their bags and clothing, they can replicate the tags just as easily.


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