Beware of The 3 D's of Insurance Company Tactics

Delay, Deny, Defend -- Don't fall victim to this strategy

Does your insurance company use these tactics to avoid paying you the money you deserve on your insurance claims? If they do, you're not alone. In a previous article we showed you which companies are the ten worst and how they use this strategy to get out of paying your claim. Now learn what this tactic is and ensure that you do not fall victim to it!

Insurance is something everybody hates to pay. It's just not fun. You make payment after payment, month after month. You never see anything for this money but you know you need to pay in the event of "what if?"

What if we have an automobile accident? What if we have a house fire? What if we have a burglary? What if our home is hit by a tornado, hurricane, or destroyed by wild fire? What if...?

Life is full of those "what ifs" and we live in fear that one will happen and catch us without insurance. So, we continue to pay it month after month.

Then the "what if" happens and we're upset, but we smile because we know we have insurance. We're covered...right?

Not necessarily. Not if you've been making those payments to one of the top ten worst insurance companies in the United States. If one of these companies is your insurance provider, you could be in trouble.

After much research, a list of the ten worst insurance companies was compiled. While American Association for Justice put this information together, they noticed a trend. Most of these "bad" insurance companies used the same tactic to get out of paying claims that their customers had made.

What is the tactic? Deny, Delay, Defend. And how does it work?

You file a claim expecting to be fairly reimbursed because you pay your insurance. Your agent "denies" responsibility or coverage according to your policy. If they finally decide that you are covered, they "delay" your payment. When you have had enough and take them to court, they use their high-priced lawyers to "defend" their decisions.

What your insurance provider is hoping by using this strategy is that they will outlast you. You will get tired of fighting and arguing about the claim and simply give up.

Unfortunately, many policy holders are experiencing this tactic. Remember this the next time you have to file a claim and be ready for the insurance company deny, delay, defend tactic.


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