Are You Ready For Windows Vista?

Windows Vista Is Just Six Months Away!

If you hate Microsoft and you’d never use a Windows-based operating system, this post probably won’t interest you. However, if you’re one of the many Windows users, you should be prepared for the release of Windows Vista and you’ll want to know what you can expect and whether or not you should invest in it.

What’s Different?

How is Windows Vista different from Windows XP? Well, first of all, it’s designed to be more consumer friendly. You can perform search functions right from the “Start” menu without having to open up an actual search tool. You can also open, close and toggle folders with a single click of the mouse, making Windows Vista a bit more convenient to use.

Another neat thing abut Windows Vista is the Windows Aero interface. Aero features something that is called Aero Glass. What does it mean? Basically, the windows that are opened when using Aero are translucent, which gives the entire screen a more streamlined, lighter appearance.

Windows Flip 3D is also pretty awesome. This function allows you to display all of the windows you have open in a three-dimensional stack – allowing you to see each and every one.

The Problems

Well, right now Windows Vista is in Beta, so the fact that there are some bugs isn’t surprising. As of now, users are reporting problems installing the software. Many people note that the software stops installing and then they have to restart their systems and start it all over again.

Others have reported that the search function in Windows Vista may be easier to access, but it’s not as efficient as the Windows XP search function. In Windows XP, you could search for a file and the search results would appear as the files were located. In Windows Vista, none of the files appear until the entire search is done running. This can equate to some wasted time.

The biggest problem, however, may be the hardware requirements. If you’re using an older computer, you’re going to have an issue. To get the most out of Windows Vista, you’re going to need AT LEAST 1 GB of memory, a 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor, and 128 MB of graphics memory. Anything less than that, and you probably won’t be happy with Windows Vista.


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