Are You Drowning in Kitchen Appliances?

Which Kitchen Appliances Do You Really Need?

From enticing displays in the housewares section of your local department store accompanied by the vocal sales associates manning their stations to countless infomercials about the latest kitchen appliances and gadgets, you’re probably overwhelmed with confusion about what kitchen appliance you really need and what ones you can live without. If you want to learn more about kitchen appliances, read more below.

Weeding Out The Clutter

There are a multitude of kitchen appliances and gadgets gracing store shelves. They all promise to be necessary and products you just “can’t live without,” but are they really? The truth is many of the products can make your life easier and significantly shorten the time you spend in your kitchen. The reality is that if you bought every “essential” product you saw advertised, you’d need a kitchen the size of the White House to accommodate them all. So, I’m going to offer you some tips and helpful hints to weed through the sales hype and zero in on the products that you actually need.

Can You Live Without It?

Keep in mind that a product you truly find necessary and can’t live without might be clutter and unnecessary to another individual. Let’s take appliances that fall under the beverage counter. There is an endless array of products on the market that can help you make certain beverages: smoothie makers, coffee pots, espresso machines, iced tea makers, and even a product designed for you to make your very own soda at home. If you are a coffee lover and enjoy specialty drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos then you might enjoy having an espresso machine vying for space on your countertop. If you are the type of person that detests spending time in the kitchen, you might never even use your espresso maker, and it will become a wasted purchase.

Will You Even Use It?

Most kitchen appliances are great for a specific segment of consumers. If you love iced tea and make your own at home, then an iced tea maker might be a good appliance to own. However, if you have a favorite iced tea brand and prefer to buy a gallon at the store, then your iced tea maker will probably only be used twice and end up collecting dust.

Besides kitchen appliances there are many kitchen gadgets that can help you out but aren’t necessary. Ultimately a good knife and solid cutting board are essentials. The other kitchen gadgets are more of a novelty for many consumers than anything else. If you buy prewashed bagged salad every week anyway, do you really need a salad spinner?

The bottom line is to not give into sales pressure and hype. Buy the kitchen appliances that you can truly use and would love to have and not every new gadget that comes on the market.


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