Are You Driving Your Hybrid Car Properly?

The Right Way and Wrong Way to Drive a Hybrid Car

Due to gas costs spiraling out of control, more and more consumers are opting to buy a hybrid car in order to keep their fuel costs under control. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that a hybrid car is substantially different from a traditional vehicle and because of that, a hybrid car needs to be driven a bit differently to get the best fuel efficiency.


For years we’ve been told that we need to accelerate slowly in order to conserve fuel, and that’s true if you’re driving a traditional vehicle. However, if you’re driving a hybrid car your best bet is to accelerate quickly (providing traffic conditions allow you to do so). A hybrid car will use less fuel when accelerating quickly than it will if you accelerate slowly.


When you put on the breaks in a hybrid car, you want to do it slowly. If you break quickly in a hybrid car, the vehicle loses energy. If you break slowly, the hybrid will recover up to two-thirds of the energy and will store that energy in the battery.

Cruise Control

If you want to get the best gas mileage out of your hybrid car, make sure you use cruise control when possible. Running your hybrid on cruise control will help regulate the fuel usage and you’ll notice substantially better results.


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