Are PDAs Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Has Technology Eliminated the Need for PDAs?

I came upon a realization the other day that technology may have eliminated the need for the PDA, and no, I'm not talking about public displays of affection. I'm referring to the personal digital assistants that everyone thought were so divine back in the 90s. It seems that the new millennium may have antiquated them. But what, exactly, is taking their place?

How'd You Get So Smart?

It's all about cell phones - or smart phones as they're called now. Why carry around a stand-alone PDA when your cell phone can act as a PDA, camera, digital voice recorder and MP3 player all in one? Seriously, yesterday's PDAs have nothing on today's cell phones. It's no wonder these things aren't as in as much demand as they were a few short years ago.

Lighter Is Better

The evolution of laptops has also changed the need for PDAs. They're becoming smaller and lighter. Some models weigh next to nothing with a full-size screen and all the power of a desktop while others feature a 7" screen and can fit in the average purse. With a full-fledged wi-fi enabled laptop at your fingertips, why in the world would you want to settle for the limitations of a PDA?

Day Planners Are Back In Style

And while tech geeks may insist on managing their schedules and note-taking electronically, there are those who are realizing that the good old-fashioned pen and paper system still has its benefits. A paper-packed day planner won't crash and lose all of your scheduled information and it sure as heck won't take you hours to figure out how to use it. Sometimes technology makes things more difficult and when consumers realize it, they start reverting back to simpler ways of doing things.

So if you've been wondering why the selection of PDAs at the local Best Buy or office supply store just isn't what it used to be, there's your answer. They've become a bit obsolete - by both new technology and old.


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