Are Expired Coupons Worthless?

Don't Throw Those Expired Coupons Away!

It can be incredibly frustrating to go to the grocery store with a book full of coupons only to find out that the little slips of paper you thought were going to save you money are actually expired coupons. Before you despair and toss those coupons in the trash, there are some things you need to know...

Special Savings For Military Families Overseas

If you are a military family stationed overseas, your local commissary will honor expired manufacturer's coupons. You can usually use coupons for up to six months past their expiration date. If you don't have any local grocery stores that accept expired coupons, think of sending them to military families to help them out.

For Those Shopping Stateside...

If you are not a military family, it does not necessarily mean that expired coupons are worthless. Each store's policies regarding coupon redemption may be different from the next. Determining whether your local stores accept expired coupons is often as simple as asking someone at the customer service desk.

For store-issued coupons, it is also worth checking with the store regarding its policies on expiration dates. Some stores will re-issue recently expired coupons for use by the consumer, or will simply honor the expired store coupon if it is within a certain period of time (which may be as short as two weeks, or as long as several months).

With regards to promotional codes, the expiration date is not always the last day that a participating website will honor the code. Again, while each store may have its own policy regarding the redemption of expired promotional codes, usually a quick conversation with a customer service representative will answer all of your questions.

It Pays To Ask Around

If you are uncomfortable approaching the customer service desk in each store that you frequent to ask whether they honor expired coupons, consider asking your friends, family members and coworkers whether they know of any stores that will accept them. Members of playgroups and church groups are also a good source of information regarding the policies of local stores.

Many brick-and-mortar stores with an online presence will discuss the use of expired coupons in the FAQ section. Regardless of how you come about your information, it doesn't hurt to ask -- think of all the money you could save by keeping expired coupons that may still be worth some savings!


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