Are Electronic Toll Passes Right for You?

The Scoop on Electronic Toll Passes

If you know what a tollway is, you know the true definition of highway robbery and you may be wondering if electronic toll passes are a good idea or just another way for the toll authority to rob you blind. Here's some info to keep in mind...

Paying Tolls

Today, we’re talking about tolls (although, I sometimes wonder who took the “r” out of trolls). In states like New Jersey, you’ll have to pay a toll to leave the state regardless of what state you’re heading to. These tolls can cost $2 or $3 depending on where you’re crossing at. Many other regions of the country charge similar tolls.

Most of the states that charge tolls have Ipass, EZ Pass or other electronic toll passes to simplify the process of paying the trolls -- or tolls, that is. But how do you know if an electronic toll pass is right for you?

How Do I Decide?

It really depends on what time of day you travel and how crowded the toll lanes get in your state. Some states or areas of the country simply aren’t that congested even during “rush hour.”

In some areas, a lot of consumers purchase the electronic toll passes because they’re convenient. They can come and go using designated lanes instead of waiting behind several cars that are each paying their toll using dimes and nickels. However, if many consumers have an EZ Pass you might still end up waiting in a long line.

Another thing to consider is discounts. Some states offer discounts to those who use their electronic toll passes.

If you don't travel the tollway frequently and no discounts are offered, a toll pass might not be a necessity of life. However, if you commute during rush hour or there are discounts offered for using electronic toll passes in your state or bordering states, you might want to consider this automated troll bridge option.


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